Sciener S202C Smart Lock

Smart Lock / Sciener S202C Smart Lock

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The Sciener Keyless Smart Door Lock is ideal for home use as well as commercial. This lock can be opened using Mobile App ekey, Time-limited Passcode, RFID Access Card. A spare physical key is provided for this lock in case of emergencies as a backup. This lock has a weatherproof and durable outer cover and therefore it’s ideal for front door use. The Sciener Keyless lock is easy to install and set up. It is battery-operated and will be last nearly one year depends on usage. Superior security and cutting-edge technology now come in a premium form – the sciener smart mortise lock. Manufactured in the best factories, it is outstanding in quality and comes packed with smart features.
No more hassle of locating forgotten keys and replacing missing ones!
No more frustration of accidental lock-outs!
No more fumbling for keys, it's fuss-free living!
Sciener smart locks work with innovative technology involving encryption and synchronization. Internet is not required for the lock hence increasing reliability against WiFi hacking. Airbnb hosts can synchronize their listing calendars with their Scieners’ accounts so that passcodes are automatically created for guests. The lock will re-lock when the door is closed.



Size W70mm x H330mm x T30mm
Weight 3.2KG


Front panel Stainless steel
Back panel Stainless steel
Lock body SUS304 stainless steel


  1. Passcode
  2. Bluetooth Key
  3. Card
  4. Smartwatch Key
  5. Emergency physical key (2 provided)


Requires iOS (9.0 or higher) or Android (5.0 or higher) smartphones.


Power supply 4 AA batteries required (included)
Stand-by current ≈20μA
Operating current ≈200 mA
Battery life Approximately 12 months


  1. Front panel
  2. Back panel
  3. Screws
  4. Spindle
  5. Strike plate
  6. Strike box
  7. Lock body
  8. 4 AA Batteries
  9. Front panel rubber pad
  10. Back panel rubber pad


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