Best smart door lock provider in Bangladesh

About Us


We are a technology-based venture company for the purpose of providing comprehensive house/office security solutions as a value-added, especially for residential, commercial, or industrial customers. We market Smarttech, the best quality Smart Lock series, Smart Doors of Doors is a comprehensive solution that is stable and secure. 

Smart digital door lock management software and a connected app that is installed on the mobile phone so that the mobile can be locked and unlocked via Bluetooth.

Our Mission

We have a number of security inventions more than ten of which are patented innovations. We primarily market the SmartTech Solution Smart Lock series, a comprehensive solution that is stable and safe. 

Why SmartTech Solution

With SmartTech Solutions, make sure that only you can welcome others into your home. Time-sensitive passcodes and mobile app ekey, let you decide how long you want to allow access.

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