Best smart door lock provider in Bangladesh

About Us


We are an advanced technology-based organization established for the purpose of providing easy access but strong security of the house, offices, hotels, hospitals, malls and various commercial establishments. We are the market leaders of good quality smart door locks that are durable and secured for sure.

We are the special agent of the Sciener brand which has its own Android App as the main controller of smart locks. It also has plenty of features and unique unlocking methods, including fingerprint, time-based passcode, access card, physical key, etc.

Our Mission

We have a number of security inventions more than ten of which are patented innovations. We primarily market the SmartTech Solution Smart Lock series, a comprehensive solution that is stable and safe. 

Why SmartTech Solution

With SmartTech Solutions, make sure that only you can welcome others into your home. Time-sensitive passcodes and mobile app ekey, let you decide how long you want to allow access.

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